Control & Communication

Mr G Davidson

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     15            16       


3. Tiny space between 2 nerve cells.
5. Type of neurone which transmits an impulse towards the brain.
6. Main organ of control in the body.
7. Type of neurone responsible for transmitting impulses back to muscles.
9. Area of the brain responsible for controlling the vital functions of the body.
11. Something which triggers an electrical impulse in neurones.
12. Hormone which promotes the conversion of glycogen to glucose.
14. Neurone responsible for transmitting an impulse between the sensory nerve and the motor nerve in a reflex action.
17. Cells which bring about a change caused by a nerve impulse.
18. Area of the brain responsible for coordination and balance.
19. Another name for a nerve cell.
20. A rapid response to protect the body.
21. Area of the brain responsible for language, conscious thought and reasoning.


1. Hormone produced by the pancreas which controls blood glucose levels.
2. Condition causes by a lack of insulin.
4. Endocrine gland which produces insulin.
8. Endocrine gland in the throat responsible for producing growth hormone.
10. The 'master' gland found at the base of the brain.
12. Chemical made in the liver by the action of insulin on glucose.
13. Name of the glands which are responsible for producing hormones.
15. Cells which are responsible for detecting the environment.
16. Chemical messenger transported in the bloodstream.