Mr G Davidson

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 2      3              
 10    11      12    13          
       16       17       
 18      19              


3. The tube in a mammal where fertilisation can occur.
4. The process of a sperm fusing with an egg.
6. Where pollen grains are produced.
7. Where sperm are deposited during copulation.
8. Tube in the penis which carries semen.
10. Only has one set of chromosomes.
13. Site of sperm production.
14. Another name for a sex cell.
16. The site of egg production.
18. Used to introduce sperm into the vagina.


1. Transfer of pollen from one flower to another.
2. Where the embryo will grow and develop.
5. Another name for a fertilised egg.
9. The part of a flower where the pollen will land during pollination.
11. Carries the male gametes in plants.
12. This means it has 2 sets of chromosomes.
15. Part of a flower used to protect the bud before flowering.
17. Female gamete.
19. Male gamete in animals.