Variation & Inheritance

Mr G Davidson

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      5               6   
8                9        
   13    14                 
   15      16               


1. Term used to describe a genotype with 2 different letters.
5. A genetic ___________ would be a person who offers advice on possible genetic disorders.
8. Type of variation which can be measured.
9. Type of cell which only carries one allele of each gene.
11. Complete set of genes possessed by an organism is known as its __________ .
12. Type of inheritance controlled by a number of genes.
13. Type of gene which will only show up if paired with another similar gene.
16. Type of variation which falls into distinct categories.
17. Different forms of the same gene.


2. As well as genetics, this also has an important role to play in the appearance of an individual.
3. Another name for a pedigree chart.
4. Term used to describe a genotype where both letters are the same.
6. Term used to describe the appearance of an organism.
7. The study of inheritance.
10. An allele which will always show up in the phenotype.
14. An individual who is heterozygous for a particular trait.
15. Unit of heredity.