Transport in Plants

Mr G Davidson

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2. The process by which water is lost through the leaves of a plant.
4. Tiny pores on the underside of a leaf.
8. The upper and lower layer of cells in a leaf.
10. Salts which are transported in the xylem along with the water.
11. Woody substance used to strengthen the xylem vessels.
12. The cells through which sugars are transported.
13. Layers of cells in a leaf where most photosynthesis occurs.


1. The movement of molecules from a high to a low concentration.
3. Device used to measure transpiration rates.
4. Chemicals made during photosynthesis.
5. Type of cell found next to the sieve tubes.
6. Found in plant cells and contain the green pigment chlorophyll.
7. The waxy layer on top of a leaf.
9. Vessel used to transport water up through a plant.