Transport and Exchange in Animals

Mr G Davidson

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   8             9        
         12        13       
       15       16          


1. Prevents the backflow of blood.
3. The pump responsible for pushing blood around the body.
4. The main airway entering each lung.
6. Blood returning to the heart with no oxygen is said to be __________ .
8. Blood leaving the lungs is said to be this.
9. Sticky liquid found in the airways used to traps dirt and dust.
10. The name of the artery responsible for delivering blood to the heart muscle.
13. Organs of gas exchange.
14. Process used to move food through the digestive tract.
16. Name of a blood vessel leaving the heart.
17. Name of the main vein returning from the body to the heart (4,4)
18. Small finger-like projection found in the small intestine.
19. Name of one of the lower chambers in the heart.
20. Name for the windpipe.
21. The name of the top chambers in the heart.


2. Main artery leaving the heart.
3. Chemical containing iron found in red blood cells.
5. Blood vessels which return blood to the heart.
7. Used to describe the artery and vein going to, and coming from, the lungs.
10. Used to keep the trachea open at all times.
11. Tiny blood vessels where materials are exchanged.
12. Tiny hairs found in the linings of the airways.
15. The tiny lymphatic duct inside a villus.
16. Small air sacs found in the lungs.