Effects of Lifestyle Choices

Mr G Davidson

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1              2        3    
4              5     6       
     7           8        
11                12        


1. Invisible gas found in tobacco smoke and exhaust fumes. (6,8)
4. Condition caused by a deficiency in vitamin D.
5. This causes a person to feel relaxed and uninhibited.
7. Addictive chemical found in tobacco.
8. Heavy metal which inhibits enzymes in the body.
10. Physical activity.
11. Mineral used to make haemoglobin.
12. Anxiety, irritability and depression are symptoms of this.
13. Condition which affects the joints.
15. A deficiency in red blood cells.
16. If we exercise regularly and watch what we eat, we should be _______ .


1. Liver condition caused by too much alcohol.
2. Condition caused by the body's inability to deal with glucose in the blood.
3. Chemical found in food which can lead to high blood pressure.
6. Overweight.
9. Disease caused by smoking tobacco. (4,6)
14. Usually caused by bacteria or viruses.