Control & Communication

By Mr G Davidson

1. Which of the following makes up the Nervous System?

    brain, nerves, muscles.

    brain, spinal cord, muscles.

    brain, spinal cord, nerves.

    brain, nerves, muscles.

2. The controls muscular coordination.

3. What do we call the tiny space between two nerve cells?


4. Sensory nerve fibres carry the impulse away from the brain.



5. A action is a rapid response in order to protect the body.

6. Which of the following endocrine glands is responsible for the production of the hormone ADH?

    Adrenal gland

    Pituitary gland

    Thyroid gland


7. Insulin is responsible for converting glucose into glycogen in the liver.



8. Cells on a target tissue contain specific for a specific hormone.

9. Which part of the brain is responsible for the heart and breathing rate?


10. The conversion of glycogen to glucose in the liver is promoted by .