Mr G Davidson

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1. Word used to describe human activities which are responsible for the deserts increasing in size.
3. A non-living factor affecting organisms.
5. A living factor affecting organisms.
6. Made up of communities plus their abiotic factors.
7. An example of an abiotic factor which affects the distribution of organisms.
8. Term used to describe something that is land based.
9. This describes the role an organism plays in the community.
11. A biotic factor affecting the distribution of smaller animals.
13. Term used to describe something that is water based.


1. The removal of woodlands and forests.
2. The total variation among living things.
4. All the living organisms within an ecosystem.
5. A large region of the Earth which can be identified by its characteristics.
10. The place where an organism lives.
12. A biotic factor which is responsible for keeping some aggresive plants in check.