Energy in Ecosystems

Mr G Davidson

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   3           4          
 7                8      9   


1. Type of competition that occurs between different species
3. The organism which eats the producer (7,8)
5. The process where nitrates are broken down into atmospheric nitrogen.
6. The arrows in a food chain indicate this. (6,4)
7. A sequence showing how a chemical gas is converted from one compound into another. (8,5)
10. Another name for green plants in a food chain.
13. The organism which eats the herbivores in a food chain. (9,8)
14. The type of competition that exists between members of the same species.
15. When two or more organisms require the same resource, this happens.
16. Diagram showing the population sizes of the organism in a food chain. (7,2,7)


2. Another name for a secondary consumer.
4. Survival of the fittest.(7,9)
8. The total weight of the organisms at one level in a food chain.
9. Unicellular organisms responsible for conversions in the nitrogen cycle.
11. Another name for the primary consumer.
12. An animal which eats both plants and animals.