Sampling Techniques & Measurements

Mr G Davidson

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1    2                    
          3        4      
            5   6         
7      8          9          


5. The process of investigating organism presence, absence or numbers.
7. Device used to measure the abiotic factor temperature.
9. A square frame of known area used to sample plants and slow moving animals.
10. Taking more samples increases the .................
11. Technique used to remove small animals from the leaves of small trees. (4,7)
12. A pictorial diagram used to identify unknown organisms. (9,3)
13. Used to catch small invertebrates crawling over the surface of the ground.
14. Used to identify unknown organisms. (6,9,3)


1. Used to sample organisms from the bottom of a lake. (4,3)
2. Used to measure the intensity of light. (5,5)
3. Used to catch tiny insects.
4. Used to extract tiny animals from a soil sample. (8,6)
6. The number of a organism.
8. Used to measure water levels in the ground. (8,5)