Adaptation, Natural Selection & Evolution

Mr G Davidson

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1. Mutagenic agent
4. Occurs when 2 or more organisms are fighting for the same resource.
5. He put forward the theory of evolution (7,6).
7. Type of mutation which does not confer any improvement on the organism.
8. Type of mutation which does confer an improvement on the organism.
10. An isolating mechanism which prevents organisms from producing offspring.
13. Type of mutation where no advantage or disadvantage is gained by the organism.
14. An isolating mechanism resulting from changes to the climate.
15. An isolating mechanism resulting from a physical barrier.
16. Survival of the fittest. (7,9)
17. Differences within a species.


2. Geographical, ecological and reproductive are all types of this.
3. A group of organisms which can interbreed and produce fertile offspring.
6. Something which results in a change to the genetics of an organism. (9,5)
9. A genetic change to an organism.
11. The process which allows the development of new species.
12. Variations which make it more likely that an organism will survive.