Human Impact on the Environment

Mr G Davidson

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             6    7       
11        12                


1. Organisms which show the level of pollution by their presence or absence. (9,7)
3. Indicates unpolluted water. (6,5)
5. Minerals required by plants to produce amino acids and proteins.
8. Sprayed on crops to kill insects.
9. Sprayed on crops to improve growth.
10. Sprayed on crops to kill weeds.
11. Type of farming where only one crop is grown.
13. Mineral used by plants to make chlorophyll.
14. A type of plant which indicates pollution levels on land.
15. Sprayed on crops to remove a fungus.
16. A substance which breaks down naturally.


1. Used to increase food production. (9,7)
2. Sprayed on crops to kill bacteria.
4. An aquatic indicator of pollution. (5,5)
6. Caused by fertilisers leaching from the soil into water ecosystems. (5,5)
7. The process whereby chemicals increase in concentration the further up a food chain you go.
12. The process of chemicals moving from the land into water environments.