Producing New Cells

Producing New Cells

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1. Structure containing hereditary material.
4. Copying of DNA to produce chromatids.
5. Stage of mitosis when the chromatids are pulled apart.
6. Replicated copy of a chromosome.
9. Centre of the cell.
10. Description of a cell with two sets of chromosomes.
12. Small sections of a chromosome.
13. Opposite ends of the cell to where the spindle fibres pull the chromatids.
15. Full name of DNA.
16. Stage of mitosis when the chromosomes appear.
17. Stage of mitosis when the cell divides into 2.
18. Full set of chromosomes in a cell.


2. Used to pull the chromatids apart.
3. Lab procedure used to prevent contamination.
7. Term used to describe a single set of chromosomes found in sex cells.
8. Stage in mitosis when the chromatids line up on the equator.
11. Liquid or solid nutrient agar.
14. Process used by a cell to produce 2 identical daughter cells.