DNA & Protein Production

DNA and the production of proteins

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2. Genes are made of this molecule.
3. Complex molecules composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.
4. A molecule which carries the complementary copy of the code from DNA.
5. The sequence of the bases in DNA.
7. Part of the DNA molecule which helps form the gentic code.
8. Complementary base pair to guanine.
9. Complementary base pair to C.
11. Complementary base pair to adenine.
12. Complementary base pair to T.
14. Small section of DNA which codes for one particular protein.
15. Building block of protein molecules.


1. Fitting together like a lock and key.
2. Molecule which is a double helix.
6. Shape of the deoxyribonucleic acid molecule.
7. Chemical glue which holds atoms together.
10. A nucleic acid which is single stranded.
13. This base is only found in ribonucleic acid.