Proteins and Enzymes

Proteins and Enzymes

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2. The substrate for hydrogen peroxide.
3. Protein found on the surface of a cell which recognises specific substances.
4. Type of protein found in hair, nails, etc..
6. The part of an enzyme where the substrate fits into.
7. The substance on which an enzyme works.
8. Protein involved in animal defence.
10. When a protein has had its shape changed.
11. Only one enzyme can act on one substrate.
13. The enzyme responsible for the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide.
14. The ideal condition an enzyme works at.
15. The enzyme responsible for the breakdown of starch.
16. The substance produced after an enzyme controlled reaction.
17. A biological catalyst.


1. A factor which affects the rate at which enzymes work.
2. A protein released by the endocrine system.
5. Building blocks of proteins.
7. Carbohydrate broken down by the enzyme in the mouth.
9. A susbtance which speeds up the rate of chemical reactions.
12. The enzyme responsible for the breakdown of proteins.