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    17    18                


3. Process occurring in every living cell resulting in energy being released form glucose.
6. Organelles in a cell where aerobic respiration occurs.
8. Term used to describe respiration in the absence of oxygen.
9. The molecule used to store energy in cells.
10. A waste gas from respiration.
12. A raw material required for the complete breakdown of sugar.
14. Apparatus used to measure the energy content of food.
15. A 3 carbon substance produced when glucose is split.
18. Units of energy in food.
19. Where in the cell the first stage of respiration occurs.
20. A product of fermentation in plants.


1. Type of respiration in the absence of oxygen.
2. This is released as sugar is broken down.
4. Molecule used to make ATP from ADP.
5. Product of anaerobic respiration in animals.
7. A molecule used to make ATP.
9. Type of respiration which occurs in the presence of oxygen.
11. The conversion of lactic acid back to pyruvate is this type of reaction.
13. A six carbon sugar used up in respiration.
16. Unicellular fungus responsible for fermentaion of glucose.
17. Waste product of aerobic respiration.