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  16     17     18              


1. Organelle where photosynthesis occurs.
3. Plants make this substance from glucose and build it into cell walls.
6. Raw material of photosynthesis.
7. First stage of photosynthesis.
9. Light from the sun provides this for photosynthesis.
10. Storage material for glucose produced by photosynthesis.
13. Glucose and starch are examples of this.
14. Chemical used to test for the presence of starch.
15. Raw material of photosynthesis.
16. Energy rich carbohydrate.
18. Pondweed used in photosynthesis experiments.


1. Green pigment found in plants.
2. Another name for the light reaction.
4. Type of energy required by plants for photosynthesis.
5. A variable which can slow down a reaction when in short supply.
6. Second stage of photosynthesis.
8. Type of leaf which has green parts and white parts.
11. Gas produced when water is split.
12. Maximum speed at which photosynthesis occurs.
17. Substance which transfers energy.